Earthling, Entrepreneur, Revolutionary, and incidentally High School.

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Hi! I'm Mokhtar Bacha. I live somewhere in the world and I'm 16. I'm still in high school but the courses don't interest me more than that. No, I vibrate for to innovate, to find solutions to the problems that nobody has solved, to create simply.
And a good way to create and have a positive impact on Earth is entrepreneurship so I created Kantum my startup that fights against malaria.

    "coder": "False",
    "artist": "True"

contract HelloNewWorld {
        event Print(string out);
        function() { Print("Ethereum is the new "); }

i = 42;
while (i == 42) {
    console.log('I  node.js');

python = awesome
if python == 'awesome'
    print('I  Python')

tf.Print('Tensorflow is the future')